Now you're starting to get it.\n\nI hope so atleast. Perhaps you were quite clever. You knew that the way to continue forward was by not clicking on the [[forward]]. \n\nBut do you realize [[something]]?
You sat down at your [[computer]], and tricked yourself into following instructions.
You are very good at [[clicking here]]. The act of following these instructions, adhering to the code of games that following this line was not in the slightest bit difficult.\n\nIn fact, it's not very hard at all to keep moving [[forward]].
And here you are. You find yourself in a strange position. Does it contain pride? How much do you feel that [[clicking here]] and going [[forward]] really distinguishes each other? By clicking them you mean one thing, to continue forward and reach a conclusion. 2 options, one hope.\n\nAnd what if, when you think about it, that the options you chose led to one sobering idea of your [[agency]]?
You sit at your [[computer]]. Shining before you is a series of rythmic key presses, given life through the mystical power of language. You begin your journey by clicking [[here]].
But you're a rebel. You saw where that was going. Not being tricked is something you care about. It's obvious that [[clicking here]] is not the way to move [[forward]].
You clicked on [[here]] because you were trying to see past what was written. There's so much hidden in the area of words. But what you miss is the inherent nature of the script. \n\nBy defying the code of the story; by clicking something that was there, to spite what seemed to be its intention, led you to the ultimate deathknell of [[agency]].
\tYou press on anyway, some things mean much to many people. There are many ways to many places. Words are worth differing things in differing context. You should ask, when is [[clicking here]] an action and not a statement to learn by?\n\t\nWhen do you decide that it's time to [[move forward]]?
Derek Douglas